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neddoffice - office partition systems


"neddoffice", which started its story with the slogan "final touch" in office life, continues on its way with firm steps by integrating its expertise in office design, office interior decoration, office partition systems manufacturing and application segments, elegant, functional and powerful system details into office life. The right route, the right partnerships with global premium brands and industry expertise; by transferring it to areas we believe in the development potential in the office interior decoration sector; We aim to be positioned at the top among the manufacturers that are known and followed for quality in the international arena. Corporate innovation culture, product development organization and management; qualified human resources, environmentally friendly production policies and our social responsibility sensitivity; As “neddoffice”, it is a source for our success story.


Tel. +90 212 852 67 17
Fax. +90 212 852 67 16
Bomonti Business Center Floor 12/51 No:8/1 PK34380 Cumhuriyet/Silahşör St. Bomonti/Şişli/İstanbul/Turkey
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